Claiming a rose

as I never got one,

so shall I write

and make one mine




A bouquet discarded

and all dive in.

Vulturous scramblers


as many as claws could.

With all their love for roses,

they hunt down their scent,

raid my garden

and ravish my last one.



“There is something horrible about a flower;
This, broken in my hand, is one of those
He threw it in just now; it will not live another hour;
There are thousands more; you do not miss a rose.”

– Charlotte Mew (‘In Nunhead Cemetery’, from The Farmer’s Bride)



Ever seen a corpse

so pretty and delicate?

Coffined in a rich bouquet,

severed fresh from thorns,

expressing your love

through its pure deadness,

stocked in foreign vases,

or buried in secrecy

till they turn crispy

fossiled somewhere

in a tale of romance,

till the pages, fully drenched,

start leaking red

and the book releases

a fine fragrance of murder.


This one.

Yeah, this red one,

it sure is a perfect carcass.

Soaked in blood,

tainted with passion,

numbed by the desire

to embody love.

O lovers, beware!

Rose is not alone

when it comes to love.


-K. Tanushree ‘Svayam’

Date of completion: 20th June, 2019

Date of publishing : 21st June, 2019.

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